Saturday, August 18, 2012

Earn Money with GROUPON is one of the top most Daily Deals website. It features great discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies. It's a huge website which is serving more than one hundred markets. A great thing about this website is that any one can earn some extra money through this website also. If you are having lots of links over net and you are working online most of the time, you can easily make it for yourself.

How You can Make Money with GroupOn? 

The answer is very simple here. Anyone can do this sitting at home. Let's see how.
This is one of the most easiest and simplest way to make money with GroupOn website. First step is to sign up with the website. Go to the link In second step you need to navigate to the bottom of the site where you will find a link called "Referral Ads". Now just click over this link and it will take you to a new page where you can find your referral link. This will be your personal referral link only and unique for yourself. It will something look like this: where xxx will be some letters and/or numbers. This last portion of the link is your personal identification with groupon. Third step is to Copy this whole link and paste at a safe place on your PC. Now the final step is to share this link with others. You can put this referral link in your email signature, in your facebook comments, twitter comments, blog comments, in forum postings and anywhere you can share it. Now whenever any person clicks over your referral link and go to groupon website with this link and he/she buys a coupon, you will earn a commission upto 15% on each sale. Even if when someone comes to groupon from your link and doesn't buy anything in it's first visit but comes again after few days (within 30 days) you will still earn your commissions.
It's great Right? Yes, and by this way you can enjoy your extra income each day where you are actually doing nothing for it. You can use your earning to purchase any deal you want.

Even then if you have some basic knowledge of HTML you can also use images embedded with your referral link. You can place this code into your website or blog where this will display an image for you. People will click over the image and do the same with it. It is a common phenomenon that images attract more attention and so it will be more better for your earnings. 

About the site: is a Daily Deals website. It features great discounted gift coupons usable at local or national companies. You can estimate the hugeness by the fact that this site is serving in geographical locations like North America, Europe, Asia and also in south America and having around 35million registered users.


Maulik shah (Indian) said...

really the best adsense integration i have ever seen.... and relly great and cool content .....enjoyed reading

Anonymous said...

how u r doing send details to

Rakesh Gupta said...

About Groupon i first time saw this.. amazing thing to know.


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